IT Managed Services (IT Managed Services) vs IT Consulting Services (IT Consulting Services): Understand the Difference

Information Technology (IT) plays a large role in today’s business world. Many companies from various industries have embraced IT as a way to enhance their performance and boost productivity. IT service providers offer many services today to satisfy the various needs and business goals of companies. IT Managed Services vs IT Consulting Services: Know the Difference Articles there are IT consulting, IT managed services, IT managed services, IT software development and more. In order to fully understand this site these differences, let’s take a look at IT Managed and IT Consultancy Services.

What does IT Managed Services mean?

IT Managed Services include proactive outsourcing by a managed services provider of some or all aspects of IT infrastructure maintenance and support. Managed Service Providers, or MSPs for short, are Information Technology companies with teams of experts. According to this model, an enterprise (the client), which is the one seeking outsourced services, retains ownership of all IT infrastructure. But the responsibility of the MSP only reaches the point of providing the managed service. In this model, both parties have signed a contract or an agreement that defines criteria and metrics.

While many large companies in the IT industry have an expert team on staff that manages their infrastructure, smaller and mid-sized firms, such as startups, are unable to afford this. This means that they are not able to stay abreast of the latest technological updates or security threats. Non-IT workers are frequently forced to perform research in order to manage IT infrastructure. These activities take up time, and divert attention from other parts of business.

Common Examples

Systems Management
Backup & Recover of Data
Store and manage data
Management and Monitoring Network Security
Human Resource Management
Production Support and Maintenance Software

What is IT Consulting Services

IT Consulting Services means that businesses seek the expertise of experts from different domains of IT, in order gain insight into how best to use IT for business purposes and goals. The advisory service is offered to a client by an expert. The IT consultancy industry includes three different types of service providers: IT companies, consulting firms, and consultants.

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